Capcom talks Dino Crisis: “…as a company we’ve always had a direction of using our legacy, and our existing masterpieces”

Capcom’s other survival horror franchise, Dino Crisis, might be getting some sort of new release in the form of a remake or an entirely new game.

Dino Crisis was created by Shinji Mikami, who is also regarded as the creator of Resident Evil, and released in 1999. The game lets you play as multiple characters as you try to survive an outbreak of dinosaurs on an island. The games have inspired other Capcom games, including Resident Evil, and one of its main characters, Regina, has appeared in Capcom’s tactical RPG, Namco x Capcom, and her outfit can be unlocked in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis as a bonus for Jill Valentine. The games have also entered the realm of comic books with the release of a six-part manhua, published by Jade Dynasty, a Hong Kong based company.

Rumors of a new Dino Crisis have been circulating for years and tend to pick up steam around game conferences such as E3 and Tokyo Game Show (which is to take place later this month). But nothing’s really happened, and Capcom’s always been sparse with information relating to the future of the series.

Metro recently sat down with producer Tsuyoshi Kanda and director Kazunori Kadoi to talk about Resident Evil 2’s upcoming remake and took the opportunity to ask about Dino Crisis.

“And just finally, the obvious question now that this is all going so well is how far will you go? If you’ve remade Resident Evil 2 do you remake Resident Evil 3 and so on afterwards? And *coughs* Dino Crisis?” asked Metro.

“At the moment we’re focused on finishing up Resident Evil 2, getting it out the door,” said Tsuyoshi Kanda. “But as a company we’ve always had a direction of using our legacy, and our existing masterpieces, and trying to find ways to utilise those assets that we have to bring in new players, who never discovered our games before. And that aspect of Capcom as a company is always going to be one of our strong directions.”

I hope to return to the world of Dino Crisis sooner rather than later. What about you?

Source: Metro

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